The Essential Shipping Guide for New Amazon Sellers

Release time:2024-01-25 17:45

As a new seller on Amazon, mastering the shipping process is crucial for your business's success. Efficient shipping not only ensures customer satisfaction but also plays a significant role in maintaining your seller reputation on the platform. This guide is designed to provide you with a clear, step-by-step approach to managing your shipments, from preparing your inventory to tracking your deliveries.

Preparing Your Inventory for Shipment

Inventory Check: Ensure all items listed in your shipping plan are in stock and ready for dispatch.

Quality Inspection: Conduct a thorough inspection of each item for damages or defects.

Proper Labeling: Label each item with an Amazon-specific barcode (FNSKU) for easy identification.

Secure Packaging: Use appropriate packaging materials to protect items from damage during transit.

Packing List: Include a detailed packing list for each box, specifying contents and quantities.

Creating a Shipping Plan on Amazon

Accessing the Shipping Plan: Log into Amazon Seller Central, navigate to the 'Inventory' tab, and select 'Create a New Shipping Plan'.

Selecting Inventory: Choose the products you plan to send to Amazon’s fulfillment center.

Setting Quantity: Enter the quantities for each product in your shipment.

Choosing Shipping Method: Decide between individual packing or case-packed products.

Selecting Shipping Carrier: Choose a carrier from Amazon’s partnered options or select another carrier if you prefer.

Finalizing the Shipping Plan: Review all details, then submit your shipping plan to Amazon.

Packing and Sending Your Shipment

Compliant Packaging: Ensure your packaging complies with Amazon's requirements, using sturdy boxes and adequate padding.

Labeling Boxes: Affix shipment labels provided by Amazon on each box.

Arranging Pickup or Delivery: Schedule a pickup with your chosen carrier or drop off your shipment at the carrier's facility.

Documenting Shipment: Keep records of tracking numbers and shipping receipts for reference.

Tracking and Managing Shipments

Monitoring Shipment Status: Regularly check the status of your shipment in Amazon Seller Central.

Addressing Discrepancies: Contact Amazon immediately if there are discrepancies in inventory received.

Responding to Issues: If issues arise during shipping (like delays or damages), communicate promptly with the carrier and Amazon.

Learning from Feedback: Use feedback from this shipping experience to improve future shipments.


This comprehensive guide provides new Amazon sellers with a detailed roadmap for managing their shipping processes effectively. It covers key areas such as preparing inventory for shipment, creating and implementing a shipping plan on Amazon, packing and sending shipments, and tracking and managing shipments. Designed to be both informative and practical, the guide uses a formal and detailed tone, presenting information in clear, step-by-step bullet points. This resource is an invaluable tool for any new seller looking to streamline their shipping strategy and ensure a smooth, efficient process that enhances customer satisfaction and supports their business growth on Amazon.