Understanding CBP FIRMS Codes and Their Use in ACE eManifest

Release time:2024-03-25 16:12

Understanding CBP FIRMS Codes and Their Use in ACE eManifest

The Customs & Border Protection Agency (CBP) has developed systems that facilitate the monitoring and accounting of all goods entering the country. Systems like ACE eManifest possess features that generate comprehensive statistics related to foreign trade. These include FIRMS codes, Schedule D codes, and Schedule K codes.



FIRMS (Facilities Information and Resource Management System) codes, also known as warehouse codes, are four-digit alpha-numeric identifiers assigned by the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to customs bonded facilities, representing the exact location of imported cargo in the USA.

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How are FIRMS Codes Assigned?

FIRMS codes are allocated to customs bonded facilities, including Container Freight Stations, deconsolidators, Foreign-Trade Zones, and Bonded Warehouses.


These facilities are secure areas where taxable imported goods are stored, handled, and undergo other manufacturing operations without the payment of duty. A FIRMS code is assigned to each facility once the facility's bond has been successfully filed with CBP.


CBP bonds can be acquired through the Bond Centralization Program available on the www.CBP.gov website. This information can be found under the "Trade" tab, followed by "Programs and Administration," and finally under "Bonds."


All facilities with FIRMS codes are bonded and listed in the Automated Manifest System (AMS) or Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) for easier cross-border processing and transfer of goods.


What are FIRMS Codes Used For?

FIRMS codes are useful in many waysfrom admission of bonded goods to protection and tracking.


Perhaps their most crucial function is for communication with U.S. Customs at entry ports. Since FIRMS codes are required for import documents, bonded transit documents, and other customs documents, goods arriving from abroad may not be approved without an approved bond and designated FIRMS code. These codes are essential for facilitating any electronic processes at entry ports.


FIRMS codes are also vital for importers and customs brokers, as they can use these codes to notify CBP of the exact location of bonded goods during inspection.


These codes help protect the goods and make it easier for warehouses to track the cargo. Once the cargo is cleared, CBD can also notify the warehouse.


What are CBP Schedule D Codes?

Schedule D codes comprise an electronic database maintained by CBP, detailing a comprehensive list of U.S. Customs districts. This invaluable list also encompasses the names of all ports within each customs district. CBP provides an updated list of Schedule D codes here.


The Schedule D list is organized into two columns: the first column lists four-digit codes, and the second column lists the names of U.S. ports. The list is arranged numerically based on the codes in the first column.


What are Schedule K Codes?

Schedule K codes, also known as foreign port codes, are essentially an international table of codes maintained by the Army Corps of Engineers. Schedule K codes are recorded by grouping under foreign names and further grouped under each country/region by the name of ports or cities within that country/region. Each city or port is assigned a specific and unique five-digit code. The Schedule K codes list can be found here.


The Schedule K list is alphabetically ordered by country/region names, making it easy to locate the name of the city or port you are searching for.


Quick and Accountable

FIRMS codes streamline the entire entry process, ensuring every participant in the shipping process is accountable.


CBP provides a list of FIRMS codes. If you cannot find your code, please contact the facility where your cargo is waiting for clearance before submitting your entry to obtain the FIRMS code for that facility.


If you have any further questions about FIRMS codes or need assistance with shipping, please contact us (Contact me).


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FIRMS codes, Schedule D and K codes are an elaborate CBP system which facilitates all cargo entering the USA and keeps all trade chain partners accountable. Whether you are dealing with international or domestic carriers, these identifier codes are a critical part which provides for smooth running exportation and importation of all cargo in the USA.

Importers can easily track their goods, and bonded facilities are also able to safeguard, account for, and process all import goods coming and leaving their custody. The system also captures all data in relation to international trade.