No inventory was added after a shipment was checked-in. Where are your products?

Release time:2022-10-25 12:06

Our forwarders have delivered the products and Amazon has signed POD. Weeks later, some products checked in and inventory added, the others not, so what happened? Now let's get to know how to confirm Amazon Receipt of Products. (Copy from Amazon Seller Central Website)

So what happened?

This workflow is expected to work smoothly. Steps 1&2, In-Transit and Delivered. It's the forwarders' responsibility to get POD. Normally, that's no problem. The key point is steps 3&4, no Checked-in, and no Receiving. When you check within three business days, Amazon asks you to include some relevant information. Until now, all seemed perfect. We have two cases to review.

Case 1

We had one shipment to Amazon FBA in 2021, logistics tracking showed the parcels had been delivered, the seller waited for two months, no inventory was added and Amazon showed CLOSED STATUS when they become more than 90 days old. Sellers had reconciled with Amazon, provided trucker's BOL, Amazon's POD, ISA No. Amazon warehouse still told they had not received the shipments. During this period, the seller became so angry with our forwarder and doubted we didn't deliver their products and faked all files. They lodged the claims to us. At last, Amazon showed RECEIVING status when we had been negotiating with the seller about how to repay. The last product had added inventory in March. At last, this shipment was in CLOSED status for sale after five months.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Amazon fulfillment centers don't have reliable service, especially labor forces shortage and warehouses out of space.

Case 2

In earlier 2021, we delivered one shipment to FBA, Amazon showed no CHECKED-IN status. Amazon told the seller that he/she should provide a signed POD in the paper. The fulfillment center didn't sign POD on the paper, but the seller didn't believe that's true and claimed to our forwarder. Luckily, Amazon showed RECEIVING status then ended a crisis for us.

In reality, Amazon fulfillment centers had the announcement about signing POD in 2020. Such as:

POD no stamp no signed FBA: ONT8, LGB8, LAX9, SMF3, SCK1, SAT1, CLT2, BF13, CMH2, FTWI, etc

POD no stamp only signed FBA: SBD3, GYR3, etc

So it's so weird when Amazon asks sellers to provide signed POD on paper. When coming across such a situation, the seller should explain to Amazon and ask the CSR to check with these FBAs.

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