A Comprehensive Guide Introduction:Ship to Amazon Fulfillment Center DTM1

Release time:2024-01-04 16:03


Expanding your business by importing goods to Amazon Fulfillment Center DTM1 in Werne, Germany, is an exciting venture. The process, however, involves a thorough understanding of how the center operates, the necessary documentation for import and export, packaging standards, finding cost-effective logistics, understanding duty charges, and the final delivery process to the customer. This guide provides a detailed overview of each step to ensure a smooth and successful import process.

Understanding Amazon Fulfillment Center DTM1

Amazon Fulfillment Center DTM1 in Werne is part of Amazons extensive network of distribution sites. This state-of-the-art facility is designed to store, manage, and ship products efficiently. When goods arrive at DTM1, they are sorted, and eventually dispatched to customers upon order. Amazons advanced inventory management system ensures that products are tracked and managed effectively throughout their stay in the facility.


Amazon Fulfillment Center DTM1

Amazonstraße 1, 59368 Werne,Germany

Documentation for Import and Export

Proper documentation is crucial for a hassle-free import process. From the Chinese supplier's end, the primary documents required include:

Commercial Invoice: This is a transaction record between the seller and buyer, detailing product descriptions, terms of sale, prices, and HS codes for customs classification.

Packing List: It outlines the specifics of each package, including weight, dimensions, and contents.

Export License: Depending on the product, a Chinese export license might be necessary.

Certificate of Origin: This document certifies the country in which the goods are manufactured.

From the German perspective, youll need:

EORI Number: Essential for businesses within the EU, this number is used for customs clearance.

Import License: Depending on the type of goods, an import license may be required.

VAT Registration: Necessary for tax purposes in Germany.

Packaging Standards

Amazon has stringent packaging requirements. Goods should be:

Well-packaged: To prevent damage during transit.

Labeled Correctly: Each item should have a scannable barcode (FNSKU).

Palletized: If applicable, goods should be on pallets that conform to Amazon's size and material specifications.

Finding a Cost-Effective Logistics Partner

To find a reliable yet affordable logistics provider, consider the following steps:

Research and Compare: Use platforms like Freightos or Flexport to compare different logistics companies.

Check Reviews: Look for customer feedback and ratings.

Negotiate Rates: Dont hesitate to negotiate for better prices, especially for bulk shipments.

Consider Consolidation: If your shipment is small, consolidation with other shipments can reduce costs.

Understanding Duty Charges

Duty charges depend on the type of goods and their value. The Harmonized System (HS) code of your product will determine the duty percentage. Tools like SimplyDuty can help you estimate these costs. Remember, duties and taxes can significantly affect your overall cost, so its important to factor them into your pricing strategy.

Final Delivery to Customers

Once your goods are in Amazons DTM1 center, Amazon takes over the customer fulfillment process. When an order is placed:

Picking: The product is located and picked from the shelf.

Packing: It's securely packed for shipment.

Shipping: Amazon dispatches the product using its robust delivery network.

Customer Service: Amazon handles queries and returns.


Importing goods to Amazon Fulfillment Center DTM1 requires careful planning and understanding of various components. From ensuring the right documentation and packaging to choosing an efficient logistics provider and calculating duties, each step is crucial. Once the goods are in the fulfillment center, Amazon's sophisticated system ensures that your products reach the customers efficiently. With diligent preparation and an understanding of these processes, your venture into Amazon's world of e-commerce in Germany can be a successful and profitable one.