Shipping from China to Amazon Fulfillment Center LEJ1

Release time:2024-01-09 17:25


In this guide, we explore the process of shipping goods from China to Amazon fulfillment center LEJ1, located in Leipzig, Germany. We cover the necessary preparations, documentation, packaging standards, finding a shipping agent, selecting the most cost-effective shipping method, handling customs duties, and the journey of goods from LEJ1 to the customer.

Understanding LEJ1 Operations

Location and Importance: LEJ1 is one of Amazon's key European fulfillment centers.


Amazon Fulfillment Center LEJ1

Amazonstraße 1, 04347 Leipzig, Germany

Facility Capabilities: Overview of the infrastructure and technology used at LEJ1.

Pre-Shipment Documentation

Required Documents: List of essential documents like commercial invoice, packing list, Bill of Lading/Air Waybill, etc.

Compliance with Amazon's Requirements: Ensuring documents align with Amazon's policies.

Packaging Standards

Amazon's Packaging Requirements: Guidelines for packaging size, weight, labeling, and durability.

Best Practices for Safe Transit: Tips for ensuring goods are well-protected during transit.

Finding a Shipping Agent in China

Criteria for Choosing an Agent: Expertise, reliability, cost, and past client reviews.

Recommended Platforms and Networks: Where to search for reputable agents.

Shipping Method Selection

Comparing Methods: Air freight vs. sea freight vs. rail freight in terms of cost, speed, and suitability for different types of goods.

Determining the Cheapest Option: Factors that influence the cost and how to select the most economical method.

Handling Customs Duties

Understanding Duties and Taxes: Explanation of customs duties, VAT, and other applicable charges.

Payment Process: How to calculate and pay these duties, either directly or through an agent.

Post-Arrival Process at LEJ1

Receiving and Processing: How Amazon handles goods upon arrival at LEJ1.

Inventory Management: Integration of goods into Amazon's inventory system.

Final Delivery to Customers

Amazon's Fulfillment Process: How Amazon picks, packs, and ships products to customers.

Tracking and Customer Service: Monitoring the delivery status and handling customer inquiries.


This guide provides a detailed overview of each step involved in shipping from China to Amazon fulfillment center LEJ1. By understanding and following these guidelines, sellers can ensure a smooth and efficient shipping process, leading to a better experience for both the seller and the end customer.